Color Study: Sage Green Living Room

Sage Plant

A lovely little sage.

A perennial favorite in home decor, sage green is a lovely blend of green, blue, gray and even yellow. While a distinct color in its own right, sage somehow passes as a friendly neutral. Sage can be much more interesting than a plain gray and works great in all areas of the home.

I like a nice sage green living room or bedroom. For the bedroom, a blue sage can be tranquil and sleep encouraging. For the living room, a yellow sage is friendly and bright and a dark sage is rich and inviting. But with so many sages, how do you choose? Here’s a few of our favorites, including a variety of accent colors to match.

Here are the colors I tested:


Castle Walls: Light Blue Sage

Let’s start with a light neutral that has a hint of blue: Benjamin Moore Castle Walls. Paired up with a light blue, the overall feeling is relaxed and calm. Accent pillows, artwork and a matching lamp shade pop against the mellow wall.

Light Sage Living Room

Rushing River: Blue Sage

Slightly more saturated than Castle Walls is Benjamin Moore Rushing River. This bolder shade is a great background for rich purple accents including pillows, artwork and lamp shade.

Blue Sage Living Room

Mistletoe: Yellow Tinted Sage

Sage is sort of a slippery shade of green – it’s hard to put your finger on it. I still consider this color sage; Benjamin Moore Mistletoe; but it’s a warm sage filled with yellow. Try it with oranges and browns for a classic welcoming look. And don’t forget the artwork and lamp shade.

Yellow Sage Living Room

Rainy Afternoon: Deep Sage

Benjamin Moore Rainy Afternoon is a deep sage and basically a teal. As you take sage darker and richer, you can brighten your accessories. I love the pop of this bright yellow/green-it feels fresh and modern. Check out the artwork and lamp shade too.

Deep Sage Living Room

So now the question remains, what’s your favorite shade of sage?


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