Rearrange Decor, Boost Your Brain Power


When I was growing up, my mom rearranged the furniture in our house every few months. I thought it was great – never a dull moment in the living room! In fact, research has shown that making frequent changes to your environment can improve brain health.

Rather than rearrange furniture, I find myself changing out the wall art. I get bored of looking at the same thing all of the time and I like to showcase photos from my favorite vacations and outings. Below are a few of my musings for wall art. I tend to keep things pretty symmetrical (just a personal preference), but check out how the different layouts effect the focal point and overall vibe of the room.

We haven’t made a decision yet about the wall art, but the next step is to mock it up on the wall. I’ll let you know what we go with.

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  1. carly


    Well, I love this color! It’s a perfect shade of warm gray – neutral, yet not cold feeling.

    This paint comes from Green Depot. Specifically, it’s Green Depot color 6J2-5 and it’s mixed into Ivy Coatings base paint in eggshell.

    A word of caution about the Ivy Coatings paint, however. This was my first experience with this brand. While I love that it’s a zero-VOC paint, I find that even after 2 years, it’s still oddly sticky. It’s not sticky to the touch, but ANY thing that touches the wall for an extended period of time will get stuck to it (picture frames, chairs that lean against it, etc.) I live in in the NYC area, so it’s not particularly humid here either. Maybe they’ve improved the texture since I painted, but just keep it mind as you are choosing the base paint.

    I also have experience with Benjamin Moore zero-VOC paint and I find that it isn’t sticky.

    Happy painting!

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