Finding Inspiration: Kris’s Color Stripes


There are so many colors in the world, how do you find a palette that’s right for you? Color inspiration is anywhere and everywhere. One of my favorite blogs, Kris’s Color Stripes, knows that better than anyone. I absolutely adore Kris’s lovely palettes inspired by everything from nature to cities to artwork…even insects!  If you are looking for fresh new combos, this is a great place to start. 

I picked 4 of Kris’s recent color stripes and tried them out on our friend’s very bright (and clean!) Hong Kong apartment.


Cherry Blossom Palette

Cherry Blossom Palette

First, a spring (and Japanese) inspired cherry blossom palette. You can see how the color stripes are pulled directly from the photo to create endless custom palettes. I thought the dining room would look great as a dramatic accent wall and the black doesn’t disappoint!


Venetian Palette

Venetian Palette

Who doesn’t love Venice? These colors make a warm, inviting space. I always love shades of terra cotta and the green is just the right shade of olive. Also notice how we added a throw blanket on the couch to pull the color across the room. The walls include art from CB2 and West Elm.



Rustic Door Palette

Next, a modern room inspired by rustic architectural details.  Blue and brown are an excellent combination that can be both modern and classic.  To give it a little playfulness, you can also include the aqua color stripe.  Big paper lanterns and live bamboo freshen up the whole look.


Sweet Treats Palette

Sweet Treats Palette

I couldn’t finish this post without a proper striped wall, of course! Again, the dining room wall is the perfect place to highlight the lovely sweet treat palette.  With a wall this bold, you don’t need much art.  However, a bold light from CB2 helps balance the strong graphic pattern.


I’ve been following Kris’s Color Stripes for awhile and we hope you can find inspiration, too. Why not use your own favorite things or places to inspire a palette for your home?

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  1. Barb

    The actual picture and the palette is a great feature. Could you do that with any photograph or artwork? Derive a palette from an inspiration piece? Could you do the Venetian palette in different combos? This is a versatile room on which to examine color choices – do keep it up!

  2. Cindy

    I am fascinated by color and the effect it has on a room. I love your site and Kris’s site too! Her color stripes are genius. I used them to help me with an art project. You can see it here.

    I may have to summit a picture. I’ve been trying to decide a color for my bedroom.

    Have a great day!

  3. Fendy

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